"Crowning Cultural Champions"

Miss Teen and Miss Asia World Competition is a nonprofit, cultural and scholarship event to recognize new, upcoming Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI or Asian American) women and to honor the current successful and philanthropist Asian American women leaders. Our mission is to “Educate and Empower Asian American Women!”

For over two decades, the organization have provided opportunity and empowered Asian American women to foster growth and understanding of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI or Asian American) communities. Since 2017, the organization have gone through many positive changes, including new name, mission and vision, to evolved the pageant industry by focusing more on “Cultural and Academic."

In 2019, Asia World Media and Asian American Broadcasting organizations announce the new name “MISS TEEN AND MISS ASIA WORLD” (formerly named Miss Teen and Miss Asian American Texas Pageant”) at the Plano Event Center.

The MISS TEEN AND MISS ASIA WORLD is a certified nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and iconic event, hosted by Asian American Broadcasting and Asia World Media every two year, featuring Asian women contestants from 13 to 27 years of age from the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent including, but not limited to, China, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma) and other Asian ethnic groups. All qualified candidates will received opportunities to take part in Asia World Academy, combining “THE FOUR PILLARS” consisting of “Cultural Connectedness, Intellect, Self-Awareness, and Leadership Essential Traits,” where they can learn a vase scopes of life and career topics, from diverse panels of professionals, CEOs and professors, that will prepare them before they get on stage but also the skills they acquired can be carry on to the rest of their lives. Not to mention, the winners will be awarded with scholarship money, cash, gifts, and to have an honor of representing the entire Asian nations.

The event is produced entirely by volunteers, an incredible group of dedicated, talented, skilled professionals and community leaders, who have invested countless hours to ensure a memorable experience for everyone in the communities.

“MISS TEEN AND MISS ASIA WORLD will mark a new era for the Organization as a whole.  We look forward to implementing new and exciting changes to this Competition, reflecting contemporary 21st century Asian American women. The Competition undertaking is designed to spur broad public awareness of the rich tapestry of upcoming Asian American women, who is a leader to her peer in her quest for academic excellence and in being her ‘PERSONAL BEST’ by identifying positive self-identity, self-confidence, building strength and character, dedicated ‘CULTURAL CHAMPIONS’ for the next generation of culturally diverse young women,” said Anthony Tran, Chair for MISS TEEN AND MISS ASIA WORLD Organization.

The MISS TEEN AND MISS ASIA WORLD will be a forerunner for showcasing upcoming candidates, winners, and recognize accomplished Asian American women, which have led successful careers in major industries, forward thinking leaders, and advocate for humanitarian issues, affecting positive change throughout the world through their charitable and community service endeavors.

Culturally diverse competition, such as Miss Teen and Miss Asia World Competition, is a “CULTURAL” institution that provides platform to recognized successful Asian American women and endow young women of Asian descent to represent an entire Asian nation by displaying her intellect, cultural beliefs, ideologies, passions and ethnic customs. Cultural education is vital to a candidate’s success in life, as is her formal education, which is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and habits. Miss Teen and Miss Asia World Competition is a platform for showcasing the vibrant Asian American culture, which encompasses the cultural differences that exist between people in America. Asian Americans are diverse in their customs, history, language, dress and traditions.

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